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Explain to you how all this mistaken denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and we will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings. Mistaken denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and we will give you complete account of the system expound.

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The platform, owned by A2ZTR İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, which is registered in Turkey with tax number 0011883731, welcomes you and informs you that you will find below the terms and conditions governing your use of the platform and all the legal consequences that result About your use of the platform services In the web.

As any person’s use of the platform, whether he is a consumer, user, or otherwise, is considered approval and acceptance by him, and he has full legal capacity, as required by law, regulation, and law, for all articles, terms, and provisions of this agreement, and it is an affirmation of his commitment to its regulations and what was mentioned therein.

We point out to you that the platform may be (a website, mobile application, or electronic platform).

This agreement is considered valid and effective as soon as you agree to it and begin registering on the  platform. You must also, within 10 working days after opening your accounts, submit the original contract with a live signature and a declaration of signature by sending it by mail.

Article One - Introduction and Definitions

1 - The above preamble is considered an integral part of this agreement. You will also find below the meanings and definitions of the main phrases used in this agreement:

The platform owned by A2ZTR İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ This term means the platform, and this definition includes all forms of presence on the Internet, whether it is an electronic application or a website.

2 - User: This expression means every user who registers on the platform to create an electronic account, whether he is an individual or an entity, and this definition includes all aspects of the account as long as he conducts his trade through the platform, and this includes the user’s website.

3 - Account This term means the account used by the user in the electronic platform.

4 - Consumer: This term means every consumer who purchases a product or service from a user, through the user’s electronic account that he established via the platform.

5 - The Agreement This expression means the rules for using the electronic platform, its terms and conditions, that is, all the terms and conditions of this agreement that govern and regulate the relationship between the parties to this agreement.

6 - Service Provider This expression means the services that the platform provides to merchants through third parties, and the provision of services means merely providing a link between the user and the service provider, as the platform has no authority or relationship to the agreement concluded between the user and the service provider. the service.

Article Two - The user's legal capacity

1 - The user acknowledges that he has legal capacity recognized by law and law, and that he is at least eighteen years old, as is considered in the laws and regulations in force in Turkey, and that he has sufficient knowledge to create, establish and manage his electronic account via the platform.

2 - The user acknowledges that he has sound capacity and that he is not afflicted with any of the symptoms of capacity.

3 - If the user registers as an institution, company, or any other legal form, then this institution, company, or legal form through which he is registered must have the necessary legal, regulatory, and legal capacity to carry out trade activities through the electronic platform.

4 - The user agrees that if he violates this article “the user’s legal capacity,” he will bear the consequences of this violation before consumers, users, or others, as the platform has nothing to do with the user’s dealings with consumers or others from a legal, regulatory, and legitimate standpoint, as In this case, the tablomdf.netplatform has the right to hold the user accountable in accordance with the provisions of contractual liability, and to demand compensation for the damages that may arise as a result of this violation, and such damages may affect the platform’s reputation before other merchants, consumers, users, or before third parties. .

Article Three - Nature of tablomdf.netPlatform Commitment

1 - The mission of the platform is to provide electronic and logistical support tools, by establishing  accounts, as the platform’s commitment under this agreement includes creating the user’s account with the electronic platform, and following up on logistical operations. From electronic payment operations and placing the account in front of users.

2 - The platform may provide other services to the user or linked accounts, such as marketing support services or guidance and counseling services, and may also provide him with electronic payment gateways over the Internet, and all platform services are subject to the articles, terms and conditions of this usage agreement.

3 - All transactions that take place between the user and service providers (third-party services) with which the platform provides a link to their services or offers their services for the user and the consumer to benefit from have no relation to the platform, as this transaction is an independent contractual relationship About the platform and subject to the agreement concluded between the user and the service provider. Accordingly, if one of the parties fails, refuses, or does not commit to implementing his obligations that were agreed upon or does not implement them in the required manner, the platform is not responsible for what results from these Actions: is not responsible for any violations that occur or are committed between the user and the service provider.

4 - You know that the platform is considered an electronic technical platform on the Internet that allows the user who agrees to this agreement to establish his own account,He carries out his activity through the platform, and its mission ends there. There is no responsibility on the platform for violations committed by the user in his account in violation of the provisions of this agreement, and the platform has no relationship with the transactions that take place between the user and the consumer.

Article Four - Controls for creating accounts

1 - Every person who has the legal capacity considered legally and legally may create an account in accordance with the rules and provisions of the user agreement, in particular “Article One - The user’s legal capacity.”

2 - The account that was established in accordance with the agreement to use the platform must not violate the regulations and laws in Turkey, and the user is obligated to clarify the nature of the business through which he carries out e-commerce, and what services or products he provides or sells, and the platform is cleared shop is responsible for accounts violating the provisions of the system in Turkey and public morals, and the platform always has the right to refuse to register any electronic account that does not comply with the laws and regulations in force in Turkey or the provisions of this agreement, and accordingly the user acknowledges in accordance with the provisions of the agreement that the account does not violate Public order in Turkey or public morals.

3 - The account established through the platform must not violate the rules and provisions of this User Agreement, and the user also acknowledges that the place where the account is handled does not violate this agreement and does not violate the regulations and laws in force in Turkey.

4 - No person has the right to use the platform if his membership or account is canceled by the platform or under judicial orders or rulings.

5 - If any user registers as an institution, company, charitable institution, or legal entity, the registered institution, company, or entity will be bound by all the rules and provisions mentioned in the usage agreement for the platform.

6 - All accounts and merchants must adhere to all applicable laws regulating online commerce, as well as adhere to the cybercrime system, the regulations of the Ministry of Trade and Investment, the electronic transactions system, and the e-commerce system.

7 - The user acknowledges that before registering on the electronic platform, he has verified the availability of all procedures and requirements required by the official authorities in Turkey and has fulfilled all these procedures and requirements to practice his activity on

8 - The account and the user must adhere to the registration obligations specified in “Article Five - Accounts and Registration Obligations,” and all the rules and provisions of the User Agreement.

Article Five - Accounts and registration obligations

Immediately upon submitting an application to join the platform membership or requesting to create an account, the applicant is required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and secret password to use when accessing the platform services. After activating his account, he will become a user of the platform services, and thus he has agreed to:

1 - To be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account information and the confidentiality of the password, and thus agree to notify the platform immediately of any unauthorized use of his account information with the platform or any other breach of his confidential information.

2 - The platform will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any loss that may befall it directly or indirectly, morally or materially as a result of revealing the user name or login information or in the event of misuse of

3 - The applicant’s commitment to using the account himself, as he is fully responsible for it, and if someone else uses it, this means that he has authorized him to use the account in his name and for his account, unless the account holder informs the administration to the contrary.

3 - When using the platform, he is obligated to use it with all seriousness and credibility, and to abide by the rules and provisions of the user agreement, and to abide by the regulatory and legal controls in force in Turkey, and he is considered obligated to compensate the platform for any direct or indirect losses that may befall the platform. as a result of any illegal, unreal, or unauthorized use of his account by him or by any other person who obtained the access keys to his account on the platform, whether to perform services using the user name and password or as a result of your negligence in maintaining the confidentiality of the user name. And the password, whether with or without your authorization.

4 - He is committed to disclosing true, correct, updated, complete and legal information about himself as required during registration with the platform and is committed to updating his data if it changes in reality or in the event of a need to do so.

5 - The platform is committed to treating his personal information and contact addresses confidentially in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force on the platform.

He will be obligated to maintain and always update the registration data to keep it true, correct, current, complete and legal, and if he discloses information that is not true, incorrect, not current, incomplete, illegal or in violation of what is stated in the User Agreement, the platform owns The right to suspend, freeze or cancel his membership or account on the platform, without harming the rights of the other platform and its legitimate means of recovering its rights and protecting other users.

8 - The platform has the right at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary, whether directly or through a third party, and requests the disclosure of any additional information or documents, regardless of their size, to establishThe identity of the account holder or his ownership of his money or his account.

9 - In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the platform management has the right to suspend or cancel the membership or membership or block access to the platform services again. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed or unverified accounts, transactions or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time.

Article Six - Electronic communications and official means of communication

1 - The user on the platform agrees to be contacted via e-mail, or by the platform administration broadcasting general messages received to all users or to specific users upon accessing their accounts within the platform. . The user of the platform also agrees that all agreements, announcements, statements and other communications provided electronically shall substitute their written counterparts, and are a stand-alone argument, in meeting legal needs.

2 - During the period of membership and trade with the platform, the platform will send promotional emails to announce any new changes, procedures or advertising activities that may be added to the platform.

Article Seven - Amendments to the Terms of Use and Fees

1 - You know and agree that the platform will notify you of any amendment to this agreement, according to which your obligations will be doubled or your rights will be diminished in accordance with any amendments that may be made to this usage agreement.

2 - You agree that the platform has absolute authority and without assuming legal responsibility to make any basic or subsidiary amendments to this agreement, and users will be notified of this amendment by any technical means provided, and this may be by e-mail or By broadcasting a general message to all users, the platform provides technical means to show the account’s acceptance of this amendment, and this acceptance is legal, clear of ignorance, and binds the account to the provisions of the agreement, including the amendments included.

3 - In the event of objection to any amendment to the User Agreement, this may be an obstacle to accessing the account, as in order to benefit from the services of the platform, you must agree to this agreement and any amendment to it. Therefore, if the amendment is not accepted, we hope that you Platform: Stop using its services. As soon as you access your account in the Platform or use the  Platform, this constitutes your acceptance of the amendments and a complete and complete agreement free of ignorance. The Platform is happy to answer your inquiries regarding this agreement and receive any Suggestions seen by the account.

4 - All fees are calculated in US dollars or Turkish lira, and the user must pay all fees due on the platform in addition to any other expenses added by the platform, provided that payment is made through the approved and specified means available through the platform.

5 - Not all packages and offers of the platform are free for merchants or the user, as some of these packages and offers are subject to varying fees.

6 - The platform may impose fees on users or accounts, depending on the offers or packages they join or the policies they use.

7 - The platform reserves the right to add, increase, reduce, or deduct any fees or expenses in accordance with the rules and provisions of the User Agreement, to any of the users, regardless of the reason for their registration.

Article Eight - Your personal information and transaction details

1 - You have no objection to granting the platform an unlimited, global, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, and licensed right to use information or personal materials or otherwise that you have provided or provided to the platform or announced on the platform through your joining it or establishing the account, and that Through the designated forms for communication and registration, or through any email or any of the communication channels available on the platform; This is with the aim of achieving any of the interests that the platform sees.

2 - You are the only one responsible for the information that you sent or published, and the role of the platform is limited to allowing you to display this information through the platform and through its advertising channels.

The confidentiality of account and user information is subject to the rules of the “Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information” of the platform.

Article Nine - Rights

1 - All content available on the platform, whether electronic or otherwise, written or unwritten, but not limited to: written and unwritten texts - graphic designs - technical ideas - logos - offers - button icons - symbols - clips The audio - collected data and electronic programs are the property of the platform and their rights are reserved to the platform, and no one has the right to use them in any way, whether directly or indirectly, or through a third party.

2 - The management of the platform notes that it will take the necessary measures regarding any violation of the rights or intellectual property of the platform.

3 - The platform does not bear responsibility in the event of infringement of intellectual property rights owned by merchants who are members of its platform.

Article 10 - The consumer

1 - While completing purchases, the consumer provides the platform with the following information, which are but not limited to: name - email - phone.

2 - The technical systems of the platform retain consumer data in order to facilitate their access to the platform and their completion of the operations they desire.

3 - Out of concern for the on consumer rights, even though the consumer is not a party to this agreement, and in order to achieve one of the most important goals of the platform by providing high-quality service to everyone,

Article Eleven - Responsibility of the Platform

1 - The platform does not bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether resulting directly, indirectly, accidentally, or through a third party.

2 - The platform does not bear any claims or responsibilities that arise as a result of financial losses, defamation, defamation, or any damages that arise as a result of misuse, misuse, or inability to use the platform. The platform does not You bear any responsibilities or claims in such cases.

3 - The platform, its officials, employees, or owners are not responsible for any claim, dispute, costs, damages, any liability, or any direct or indirect loss to any party arising from an act carried out by a user of the platform.

4 - The platform, its employees, owners, and its representatives have no connection to any illegal or irregular activity carried out by the user, or any activity that violates the regulations and instructions in force in Turkey, as the responsibility of the platform is limited only to providing and providing support tools. The electronic form of establishing the account and the subsequent electronic support services.

7 - The management of the platform advises all users that if it notices any suspicious activities that are being planned to be committed, are being committed, or have taken place on the platform, it will proceed to report these activities to the competent authorities. It is not responsible in any way for these violations that occur without the knowledge or notice of the platform.

Article Twelve - Confidentiality of Information

1 - The platform informs you that the World Wide Web (Internet space) is not a secure medium, and the confidentiality of personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed in Internet space.

2 - The platform takes high-quality (tangible, organizational and technical) standards to protect users and consumers and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing and preserving users’ personal information or accounts.

3 - The platform has no control over the actions of any third party or others, such as other Internet pages linked through links to the platform or third parties claiming to represent you and others.

4 - You know and agree that the platform may use your information that you provided to it, with the aim of providing services to you on the platform, and to send you marketing messages, and that the privacy policy of the platform regulates the collection, processing, use and transfer processes. For your personally identifiable information, information confidentiality rules are subject to the “Privacy and Information Confidentiality Policy – ​​link” of the platform.

Article Thirteen - Cancellation of Membership

The platform, according to the user agreement and the applicable laws and regulations in Turkey, may resort to a temporary or permanent suspension of the account, withdrawal and cancellation of membership, or limiting users’ abilities to access the services of the platform, in the event that:

1 - Violating the rules and provisions of the employment agreement.

2 - If the platform cannot authenticate any of the user information provided to it.

3 - If the platform determines that the user’s activities violate the law or that the user’s activities may cause trouble or legal violations to other users or to the platform.

4 - platform may resort, “according to its evaluation,” to restore the activity of suspended users, as a user whose activity has been permanently suspended or whose membership has been cancelled, may not be able to register or restore his account on the platform or use the platform in any way. Whatever the circumstances, until he is allowed to resume his activity on the platform by the platform administration, however, if the user violates this user agreement, the platform reserves the right to recover any amounts owed to the platform. = on the user or demand compensation for any losses or damages caused by users of the platform. The platform also has the right to take legal action or resort to the judicial authorities in Turkey against the user as the platform deems appropriate. .

5 - The platform does not waive its right to take appropriate measures regarding any violation that occurs of the rules and provisions of the User Agreement and other similar acts of violation. Likewise, the platform is not obligated to take any measures against any violation that occurs of the User Agreement, but rather This matter is subject to the discretion of the platform administration and its legal department.

Article Fourteen - Turkish Cybercrime Law

1 - Users are committed not to violate any of the provisions of the Turkish Cybercrime Law, and in the event that they violate the provisions of the Turkish Cybercrime Law, this is subject to their sole responsibility and their management, and there is no responsibility falling on the platform as a result of the account violating the applicable regulations, as the The user is fully responsible for the account and his dealings with consumers, and the platform always has the right to take what it deems appropriate regarding any account that violates the provisions of the Turkish Cybercrime Law, whether by informing the official authorities or simply closing the account or canceling membership with the platform.

Article Fifteen - Restricting access or membership

1 - Without harming the rights of other users, the platform may suspend or cancel membership or restrict the user’s access to the platform’s services at any time, without warning, for any reason, and without limitation.

Article Six - ArticleAnon and the applicable legislation

1 - This User Agreement is governed and formulated in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and legislation in force in Turkey, and it is completely and completely subject to the legislation in force of the authorities in Turkey.

Article Seventeen - Technical support

In accordance with the rules and provisions of this User Agreement, the platform provides some technical support services to users, and this is in accordance with the privileges of the package to which the user subscribes, for example:

1 - The platform allows users the right to communicate with the technical support team of the platform in order to assist the user’s work through the platform and resolve electronic technical issues that may occur to the account.

Article Eighteen - General Provisions

In the event that any material contained or clause contained in this Terms of Use is cancelled, or if there is any material contained or any clause contained in this Terms of Use that is no longer effective, such an order does not invalidate the validity of the remaining materials, clauses, rules and provisions contained in the Terms of Use and they remain in effect until notice. Latest from management platform.

This User Agreement - which is amended from time to time as the case may be - constitutes the mechanism of work, understanding, agreement and contract between the user, his account and the platform only, and the user is obligated to abide by the provisions of this agreement, and the user also agrees to take into consideration the following:

1 - This usage agreement is valid for all users of the platform, and it regulates the relationship and is the contract between the user and the platform only, regardless of any legal form or legal, institutional, commercial, or charitable entity taken by the user.

2 - No person - other than the management of the platform - has the right to impose any articles, terms or provisions in the user agreement for the platform, and the platform has the right to receive user suggestions regarding this agreement.

3 - If the User Agreement is translated into any other language, whether on the platform or otherwise, the Arabic text of the User Agreement remains the original in all transactions.

4 - This User Agreement shall not be canceled or modified except by a decision issued by the Platform Administration.